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The firm of patent and trademark attorneys Hirsch & Partners which was set up in 1968 and the Law Firm Hirsch et Associés created in 1997 were the first in France to take steps to move closer to each other so that clients can enjoy the advantages of a global service to meet their intellectual property needs.

This resulted in the creation, in 1997, of an informal structure Hirsch IP Law made up of the two entities, a law firm and a firm of patent and trademark attorneys, independent of each other but working closely together for clients, and benefiting fully from the close collaboration between the two entities, in compliance with applicable law.

Close collaboration within this informal structure between the lawyers and barristers of Hirsch & Associés and the IP attorneys and technical staff of Hirsch & Partners results in a synergy between different disciplines which is to the advantage of clients, both from a point of view of efficiency as well as of cost.

Working along with the team of engineers of Cabinet Hirsch & Partners is of considerable assistance in helping the the Lawyers and Barristers of Cabinet Hirsch & Associés to prepare their technical arguments when asserting or defending patents before the courts.

Similarly, assistance from the Lawyers of the Law Firm and their legal experience increases awareness of the patent attorneys of Cabinet Hirsch and Partners, when performing their activities of an IP attorney.

One group, one vision

The Hirsch IP Law group is a major player in the world of Intellectual Property.

The renown, reputation and expertise of the Hirsch IP Law group, long recognized at international level, rely on the synergy between two highly complementary organizations in terms of skills and activities and on its linguistic capital that allows it to act directly (i.e. without going through a local intermediary) in a variety of countries in order to offer clients a comprehensive, personalized and innovative service.

By centering its development strategy on its founding values and uniting diverse talents sharing the same vision, the group formed of Hirsch & Associés (Barristers) and Hirsch & Partners (Patent and Trademark Attorneys) has secured a prominent place in the competitive environment of IP services.

Whether you need help in a one-off matter or require long-term support, whether you want specific assistance in managing a particular dispute or your portfolio of intellectual property rights, our teams can adapt to you specific needs and expectations.

Thank you!