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The Trademark and Design Attorneys of Hirsch & Partners provide a full range of services for clients, and in particular work together with the teams of lawyers and barristers with whom they work in close collaboration.

The services they provide regarding trademarks and registered designs include, among other things, and at the request of clients, for French, European and foreign trademarks and designs are the following:

  • availability searches (similarity);
  • analyzing search results and advising as to freedom of use;
  • advising clients on the filing strategy that is most appropriate to their business, markets and existing portfolio;
  • preparing the wording of the list of goods and services to be protected by a trademark ;
  • filing trademark and design applications;
  • monitoring new trademark or design registrations (watching for similar filings);
  • managing trademark and design portfolios;
  • initiating opposition proceedings against the registration of a later mark;
  • defending clients’ trademarks confronted with opposition proceedings initiated by third parties;
  • monitoring for trademarks and designs filed by third parties;
  • auditing trademark and design portfolios in the context of mergers and acquisitions (due diligence);
  • registering changes of name, form of incorporation, address of holders of rights and registration of assignments or other transfers of assets.
  • drafting deeds, notably licence and assignment deeds.

Our services in the field of trademarks and designs are performed directly without the intervention of foreign intermediaries before many Trademark and Design Offices, in addition to the French PTO, at the EUIPO and the Offices of Benelux, WIPO (for International Registrations), and the German, Irish, British, Austrian, Belgian, Monaco, Luxembourg and Dutch patent and trademark offices.

For those countries where our firm acts directly, we use a carefully selected network of foreign correspondents, with whom we have been cooperating for more than forty years.

Concerning domain names our trademark attorneys, if needs be with input from our team of lawyers:

  • advise clients on the domain name registration strategy most appropriate for their business, markets and brand portfolio;
  • proceed with domain name registrations;
  • assume responsibility for the management of numerous domain name portfolios;
  • perform domain name availability searches (similarity searches) in parallel with trademark availability searches;
  • monitor for new registrations of domain names (watching for similar domain name filings) at the request of clients;
  • audit domain name portfolios in relation with mergers and acquisitions and due diligence;
  • handle registrations of name changes, changes of corporate status, changes of address of registrants and entries relating to assignments or other transfers of assets.

Regarding domain names, we also handle AFNIC and UDRP etc. procedures) without, of course, being limited territorially.

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