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The patent attorneys of the firm Hirsch & Partners cover all technical fields and thus offer our clients a full range of services. They work closely with the lawyers of Hirsch IP Law Group in matters of court proceedings.

The main activities of the patent attorneys and engineers of Hirsch & Partners are:

  • filing and prosecuting patent applications before the French Patent Office, the European Patent Office and the relevant foreign offices for the purposes of protecting inventions right up from initial filing of applications through proceedings before Boards of Appeal ;
  • analyzing documents for the purpose of determining those patentable elements which should be taken into account when drafting patent applications;
  • advice on the most appropriate patent filing strategy tailored to the business, the market and the budget of clients;
  • drafting and filing of patent applications;
  • study and advice on how to respond to search reports or examination reports issued by the various Patent Offices;
  • prior art searching to determine the patentability of an invention or to be aware of the activity of competitors or building up of a knowledge base in a technical field of interest;
  • monitoring annuities and payment of maintenance fees as requested by clients
  • freedom-to-operate analysis;
  • audit of patent portfolios in the context of mergers and acquisitions (due diligence);
  • launching opposition proceedings against third party patents and defense;
  • defending our clients’ patents when confronted with proceedings against their patent;
  • generating financial returns on patents, including through negotiating licenses or assignment
  • global registrations of patents, changes of name, of corporate form, of addresses of registrants and registrations of assignments or other changes in ownership.

We offer patent services performed directly without the use of a local agent at many Offices [the French PTO obviously, the EPO, the WIPO (for PCT applications) as well is that a number of European offices, namely the German, Irish, British, Austrian, Belgian, Monegasque, Luxembourg and Dutch patent Offices.

For countries where our office cannot operate directly and requires the use of an intermediary, we have a network of carefully selected foreign agents, with whom we have been cooperating for more than forty years.

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